Many killed as Fulani Herdsmen attack Anyiin Community

Many killed as Fulani Herdsmen attack Anyiin Community

The Fulani killings in Benue State continue as Fulani Herdsmen invade Anyiin Community in Logo Local Government.

This sad incident which takes place yesterday claims the lives of many people and a lot of properties worth millions of Naira were destroyed.

The information noted that these Fulani militias were loaded with sophisticated weapons. They enter the community and started shooting and slaughtering innocent souls like animals.

However, the exact number of people killed or injured is unknown as of now. This disastrous act throws a lot of Anyiin people homeless wandering around.

Many killed as Fulani Herdsmen attack Anyiin Community

It is also reported that a protest was carried out by people of the community early hours of today, calling for government intervention. The protest also leads to the destruction of Hausa’s quarters in Anyiin.

According to one of the protesters:

“We are been slaughtered like animals by Fulani Militias. This evil act can not continue, the government should do something to save innocent souls. Government should act”.

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