Russia-Ukraine War: See what Russia has lost so far

Russia-Ukraine War: See what Russia has lost so far

In this post, we will be bringing to you a list of what Russia lost so far in the war against Ukraine.

The Russia-Ukraine war which began on 24 February 2022 is a multi-dimensional disaster, which is likely to get much worse in the foreseeable future. The rate of military losses and properties is increasing rapidly.

This war began when Russian president Vladimir Putin announced in his public address a “special military operation” for the “demilitarisation and denazification” of Ukraine.

It all started when the Russian officials accused Ukraine of Russophobia, inciting tensions, and repressing Russian speakers in Ukraine.

Russia also made multiple security demands of Ukraine, NATO, and non-NATO allies in the European Union (EU).

Other sources also claimed that the US is the primary cause of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, for pushing forward policies toward Ukraine that Putin and other Russian leaders see as an existential threat, and at a point bringing Ukraine into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and making it a Western bulwark on Russia’s border.

What Russia has lost so far in Ukraine war

According to the indicative estimates by the Ukraine Armed Forces as of Oct. 3, 9 a.m. EET, Russia has lost the following:

  • 60, 430 Troops
  • 2,380 Tanks
  • 4,991 Armoured Personnel Vehicles
  • 1,405 Artillery Units
  • 338 MLRS
  • 176 Anti-aircraft Warfare
  • 265 Planes
  • 228 Helicopters
  • 15 Boats/Cutters
  • 1026 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • 131 Special Equipment
  • 246 Cruise Missiles
  • 3,811 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks.
Russia-Ukraine War: See what Russia has lost so far
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