List Of Tiv Professors

List Of Tiv Professors
List Of Tiv Professors

In this post, we are going to bring to you the comprehensive list of Tiv professors in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, including their various local governments and area of specialization.

Just like we explain in our previous post, the Tiv ethnic group constitute about 4.4% of the total Nigerian population according to statistic.

The language is spoken by over 10 million people in Nigeria and also few people in Cameroon are Tiv speakers.

In Nigeria, Tiv people are predominantly found in Benue state and also in Taraba, Plateau, and Nasarawa states. They are best known for Agricultural production which is also their major source of income.

Aside from agriculture, Tiv people are doing excellently in other aspects, ranging from businesses, politics, entertainment, sport, and other professions.

It will still interest you to know that Tiv people are highly educated. The tribe is full of professors, doctors, and other graduates in various disciplines.

However, we are going to focus only on professors in the Tiv tribe, in this post.

Without a doubt, the Tiv tribe can not be left out when it comes to tribes in Nigeria with the highest number of professors.

The tribe is blessed with a lot of professors ranging from various disciplines. Some are in Nigeria while others are based outside the country.

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List Of Tiv Professors

Full NameFaculty or DepartmentStateLocal government
Prof. James Ortese Iorzua AyatseBiochemistryBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Anande Richard KimbirMathematicsBenue StateKatsina-ala Local Government
Prof. Nicholas Akise AdaScience EducationBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Mvendaga JiboPolitical ScienceBenue StateUkum Local Government
Prof. Daniel SarorVeterinary MedicineBenue StateUkum Local Government
Prof. Zanzan Uji AkakaArchitecture, LawBenue State
Prof. Charity AngyaBenue State
Prof. Simon Terver UbwaChemistryBenue StateKwande Local Government
Professor P. A. AnnuneBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Denga Iyorgande DanielGuidance and CounselingBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Hannah Mnena DengaGuidance and CounsellingBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Msugh N. KembeStatisticsBenue StateBuruku Local Government
Prof. Daniel Verishima UzaAnimal ScienceBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Ignatius AyuaLawBenue StateGboko Local Government
Prof. Ioraver Nyenger TsegbaAccountingBenue State
Prof. Tor Joseph IorapuuTheatre ArtsBenue StateGwer-East Local Government
Prof. Fidelis Aondoaseer AyatseBusiness ManagementBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Justin lyorbee TseayoSociologyBenue StateUshongo Local Government
Prof. (Mrs.) Nancy Ngunan AgbeFaculty of EducationBenue StateLogo Local Government
Prof. Steve Torkuma UgbahMarketingBenue StateLogo Local Government
Prof. Terhemba ShijaLiteratureBenue StateVandeikya Local Government
Prof. Frances S. AgbidyeForest Production and Products.Benue State
Felix Detuhan Ugese UgeseCrop ProductionBenue State
Prof. Daniel Kparevfa AdezwaCrop ProductionBenue State
Prof. David Iyornongu KerEnglish LanguageBenue StateGwer Local Government
Prof. Emmanuel Iornumbe KuchaMechanical EngineeringBenue stateGuma Local Government
Prof. Bitto EmmanuelBenue State
Prof. Dennis A. ItyavyarBenue State
Prof. Iyorwuese HagherTheatre artBenue StateUkum local government
 Prof. Anthony Aondoakaa IjohorLawBenue StateGboko Local Government
Prof. Philip Terhembe AbachiEconomicsBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Aboho David AmokahaCurriculum and TeachingBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Anong LyanBenue StateKwande Local Governmnet
Rev. Fr. Prof. Ushe Nginan MichaelAfrican Traditional ReligionBenue StateKwande Local Government
Pro. Terkimbir VangePlant Breeding and BiometricsBenue StateKwande Local Government
Prof. Joseph Terlumun UtsevCivil EngineeringBenue StateBuruku Local Government
Prof. Saint gbilekaaTheatre artsBenue StateUkum Local Government

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  1. Professor Benki S. H. WOMBOH.
    Professor of LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE (JULY 2002 MAUTEC YOLA). Shorov District, Buruku Local Government, BENUE STATE

  2. Prof Mathias Ndegh. k/ala, prof simon Tersoo kpelai. ukum, prof Nicodemus Useh.uni agric from peva taraba, prof Akalin shaakaa.taraba

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