How to earn money on YouTube as an artist

How to earn money on YouTube as an artist
How to earn money on YouTube as an artist

In this article, we are going to focus on how to earn money on YouTube as an artist. If you are among the artists asking how they can make money on YouTube, worry not you are in the right place.

I believe at the end of this discussion, making money on YouTube will surely be a dream come true for you. Even though you are not an artist, we have covered a lot concerning how to make money on YouTube which I believe you will find interesting, so ride on!

How to earn money on YouTube as an artist

Making money as an artist has become the major question asked especially by upcoming artists. The world of entertainment is growing day by day and as such new technologies are emerging in the system making it easier to make money as an artist. 

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Before I jump into telling you how to earn money on YouTube let us first of all, understand what is YouTube.

About YouTube

YouTube is a website or video-sharing service that allows users to watch, share, like, comment, and upload their videos.

Is it possible to make money on YouTube? The answer is YES! You can earn a huge amount of money on YouTube that you may have never imagined in your wildest dreams! It can even serve as your full-time work if you follow the right steps.

Musicians, dancers, comedians, and other sets of YouTubers are making passive income on YouTube and you can also do the same. However, making money on YouTube is not something that happens overnight. There is no online business that brings income overnight, don’t let anybody fool you with their easy words.

You need hardworking and consistence if you seriously want to make money on YouTube. Am I trying to flatter you? No, am only trying to tell you the fact.

Nevertheless, you should not be bothered, I am going to guide you through the major things you need to do to start earning on YouTube, and if you are confused in any way feel free to contact us for we are always available to update you on the latest things that are happening, and to enlighten you on things you need to know.

How to create a YouTube channel

Before thinking about how you can make money on YouTube I believe you must have created a YouTube channel, but if you are yet them follow the steps below:

Step1: Sign in to a Google account or create new

Step2: Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site

Step3: Click on your profile picture and then hit on “create a channel”. A page will be open for you to fill in the necessary information.

Step5: Customize your YouTube channel

Step6: Upload your first video right away!

Step7: Make your YouTube channel discoverable.

Congratulations on successfully opening a YouTube channel! Now let’s move on.

Ways to earn money on YouTube as an artist

After creating a YouTube channel the first thing to think about is how to monetize it, right? One thing you should know is that you need to have at least one thousand subscribers (1,000) and 4,000 watch hours in the past years before you will start earning on YouTube.

Though there are other ways you can earn money on YouTube which are not determined by the number of subscribers or viewers but by the level of engagement and the revenue your channel generates. Also, the area you are covering.

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Listed below are the best ways to earn money on YouTube as an artist

1. Become an Affiliate marketer

2. Apply for Google Adsense

3. Become a brand influencer

4. Engage in Live Show performance

5. You can also License your content to the media

6. Crowdfund your Creative Project

7. Let your fans support your work through “fan funding”

8. Collaborate with Brands to Sponsor You


This is just a guide on how to open a monetized YouTube channel. If you are interested in knowing how you can burst your views, subscribers, and many other things, always check on this blog for we are going to be updating you with vital information.

I believe if you follow everything we discuss here, your dreams of making money on YouTube as an artist will surely come true!

Use the comment section to add up your information if you think we miss out on anything.

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