A Man Runs Mad After Killing Mysterious Man’s Goat In Benue State

If you can recall, a mysterious man was seen working with seven goats with effortless control from Katsina-Ala to Zaki Biam some months ago.

The story has continued as this man continued working with these goats, but this time he settled in Anyiin, Logo local government of Benue state.

A Man Runs Mad After Killing Mysterious Man's Goat In Benue State
A Man Runs Mad After Killing Mysterious Man's Goat In Benue State

Information reaching us that, a man from Anyiin Local Government, runs mad after killing one of the mysterious man’s goats for consumption.

This got the man in serious pain to an extent of moving out of Anyiin in anger, heading in another direction with the remaining six goats.

But before leaving the place, he gave the goat a befitting burial. This got many people asking who is the man and the secret behind his goats.

When people requested to consume the goat, he gave them a shocking answer. He said, “you can cook or eat the goat at your own risk”.

The story of this mysterious man and the goats is still a confusing matter to many people, hence nobody knows his mission.

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