A man from Benue state accused NCDC, PDP lead government, of falsely declaring him a Covid-19 victim

A young man whose name is Terkula Shikula AKA Bishop from Shangev-Tiev in Konshisha local government of Benue state accused NCDC and PDP lead government of falsely declaring him a Covid-19 victim.

In the paper circulating online, this young man bitterly expressed his dissatisfaction with the incident. He also accused Mrs. Mwuese Ubebe of being the central cause of the sad experience.

He wrote:


My name is Terpase Shikula AKA Bishop, from Gundul, Shangev Tiev, Konshisha Local Government Area, Benue state.

I have been victimized by Mrs. Mwuese Ubebe PDP lead government in Konshisha some time in April, 2022 that I have been infected with Covid-19. This Scenario lead to my dismissal from where I was working (Enugu Electric Distribution Company EEDC).

The company demanded for my NCDC Covid-19 test result that proved I am negative. Mrs. Ubebe in her trikish manner seizes my test result which I was supposed to present to my work place. I am currentlly in dismay, as I have lost my job, friends and associations due to my joblessness. I have lost a child to an illness I would have taken care of if was still working.

My ordeal with the Mrs. Ubebe PDP lead government has made to conclude that:

  1. Mrs Ubebe is trikish and does not deserved to hold any public hold any any public office again
  2. I have termed the whole of PDP as backward party that doesn’t have anything good to offer
  3. I demand my NCDC Covid-19 Test result
  4. I have lost my job in the process and demand to be compensated with another

He also went ahead and dropped his number (08060037352) in case of further information.

See photo bellow:

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