Current list of the highest-paid footballers in Africa

Current list of the highest-paid footballers in Africa
Current list of the highest-paid footballers in Africa

In today’s discussion, we are going to talk about the highest-paid African footballers currently. We will also give detailed information about them, i.e their country, current club, and some other things that will be interesting to you.

Without a doubt, football is currently the most popular sport having a massive number of fans worldwide. Both children, youths, and aged people seem to be interested in football activities and most of the time care to know the details happening in the sport.

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Africa as a continent is blessed with exceptional footballers. These footballers are handsomely doing well around the world attracting wonderful deals.

Right from the time of their legendary Jay-Jay Okocha, George Weah, Samuel Eto’o, Yaya Toure, Kanu Nwankwo, Didier Drogba, and many more. Africa is still producing wonderful players with great potential. These footballers are also earning high in their respective clubs and without wasting time let us list them below:

9. Naby Laye Keita(Liverpool) – £120,000/week

Naby Laye Keita is a guinea professional midfielder. He started his football career at the professional level in FC Istres, a French league 2 club in 2013. Keita later moved to FC Red Bull Salzburg in 2014, and RB Leipzig in 2016. Currently, he is playing for Liverpool in the English premier league.

His Current salary is  £120,000/week.

8. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) – £130,000/week

Dazet Wilfried Armel Zaha started with the England national team in 2012 but later switched to represent his country Ivory Coast in 2017.

At the club side, Zaha started with Crystal Palace academy in 2010. He was transferred to Manchester United in 2013 and later returns to Crystal Palace in 2014 where he is currently playing as a forward.

His current salary is £130,000/week.

7. Nicolas Pepe (Arsenal F.C) – £140,000/week

Pepe who hails from Ivory Coast is also among the top African footballers with the highest payment. Born in France, represent his country (Ivory Coast) on the national team.

He was signed to Angers in 2013, went for a loan in Orleans in 2015, and was later transferred to Lille in 2017. Pepe currently played for Arsenal as a winger and his salary is £140,000/week.

6. Achraf Hakini (Paris Saint Germain) – £176,000/week.

Achraf Hakiki is a right-back key player of the Paris Saint Germain (PSG). He was born in Spain to Morocco parents. Hakiti created his first awareness in Real Madrid’s Youth Academy and was later promoted to their senior team.

In 2017, Hakini was loaned to Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga. Due to his wonderful performance, he attracted an awesome deal with Inter Milan in 2020 and later moved to Paris Saint Germain In 2021.

His salary is £176,000/week.

5. Dede Ayew (Al Sadd) – £180,000/week

Ayew who is currently playing for Al Sadd, a Qatar Stars League also Merrit the list of the highest-paid African footballers with a hefty salary.

Ayew is a Ghanian representing his country on the national team as a winger. So far, he played about eight (8) football clubs namely: Nania (1999–2006), Marseille (2007–2015), Lorient (on loan, 2008–2009), Athlétic Club Arles (on loan, 2009–2010), Swansea City (2015–2016, & 2018–2021), West Ham United (2016–2018),  Fenerbahce (on loan, 2018–2019), and Al Sadd (2021 till date).

His current salary is £180,000/week.

4. Thomas Partey (Arsenal F.C) – £200,000/week

Thomas Teye Partey, also a professional Ghanian footballer can not be left out on this list. He is handsomely doing well as a midfielder in Arsenal F.C. His salary is £200,000/week.

3. Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City) – £200,000/week

Riyad Mahrez, An Algerian professional and award-winning footballer is ranked as the third highest-paid African player.

Mahrez is born in France to Algerian parents. He started making his professional football appearance in Quimper, a French football team in 2009, later moved to Le Havre Athletic Club in 2010, and was signed to an English Premier League club Leicester City in 2014.

He helped Leicester city win an English Championship trophy promoting them from the relegation zone to the premier league. In 2015, Mahrez lifted an English Premier League trophy for Leicester City. Due to his amazing performance, he attracted so many awards in the year, including PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

Mahrez is currently signed to Manchester City where he is playing as a winger. He has so far won 3 basic trophies (Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup) for the club.

His current salary is £200,000/week.

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) £220,000/week

Mohamed Salah who is regarded by many as the Egyptian king and African best player acquired numerous achievements in football history.

He started his professional football career in 2010 with Al Mokawloon (an Egyptian football club) and later moved to Basil in Switzerland. In 2014, he was signed to an English Premier League club Chelsea but was moved to Fiorentina and Roma on a season-long loan.

Mo Salah acquired an awesome deal with Liverpool in 2017 where he is currently playing as a forward. He set a record as the most goal scorer with 32 goals in his first season in the club.

Because of his great level of performance, he is regarded as the key player in Liverpool and also a world-class footballer. He has so far won major trophies for the club including the Premier League, Champions League, and many more.

Mo Salah has numerous individual achievements in football history. These include PFA Players’ Player of the Year, Premier League Playmaker of the Season, three times Premier League Golden Boots, and Premier League Player of the Season, he was also ranked as third best FIFA Men’s Player of the year two times (2018 and 2021).

His current salary is £220,000/week£220,000/week.

1. Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich) – £250,000/week

Formally a Liverpool player, Sadio Mane is so far ranked as the highest-paid African footballer followed by his recent signing to the German champions Bayern Munich.

This Senegalese star player began his professional football career in a French league 2 club, Metz, and was later signed to Red Bull Salzburg, an Austrian football club in 2012.

Mane later joined the English Premier League club Southampton and due to his wonderful performance, he attracted Liverpool and was signed in 2016. He has won major trophies for the club and was ranked 4th for the Ballon d’Or and 5th for Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2019. He was also ranked 4th for the Best FIFA Men’s Player 2020.

At the National level, Mane performed so well and brought home the African Cup of Nations for his people in early February 2022.

With his recent signing to Bayern Munich, his salary has risen to £250,000/week. Making him the highest paid African footballer so far.

Current list of highest-paid African footballers

S/NPlayer NameSalary/WeekCurrent club
1Sadio Mane£250,000Bayern Munich
2Mohamed Salah£220,000Liverpool
3Riyad Mahrez£200,000Manchester City
4Thomas Partey£200,000Arsenal F.C
5Dede Ayew£180,000Al Sadd
6Achraf Hakini£176,000Paris Saint Germain
7Nicolas Pepe£140,000Arsenal F.C
8 Wilfried Zaha£130,000Crystal Palace
9 Naby Laye Keita£120,000Liverpool

So far this is the current list of the highest-paid footballers in Africa. Do us well by sharing this article if you found it helpful.

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