Top 10 Trending Songs In Nigeria Right Now

Top 10 Trending Songs In Nigeria Right Now
Top 10 Trending Songs In Nigeria Right Now

What are the trending songs in Nigeria 2022?

What are the top 10 songs in Nigeria right now?

Below are the top 10 trending songs in Nigeria right now:

1. Fire Boy Ft Asake – Bandana

Artists Fire Boy, Asake
Song TitleBandana
Released year2022
ProducerP. Priime

2. Burna Boy – It’s Plenty

ArtistBurna Boy
Song titleIt’s Plenty
AlbumLove, Damini
Released year 2022
ProducersElementZ & JAE5

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3. Carter Efe (Feat. Berri Tyga) – Machala

ArtistsCarter Efe, Berri Tyga
Song tileMachala
Released year2022
ProducerProducer X.

4. Burna Boy – Common Person

ArtistBurna Boy
Song titleCommon Person
AlbumLove, Damini
Released year2022
ProducerTeejah James.

5. Burna Boy (Feat. Ed Sheeran) – For My Hand

ArtistsBurna Boy, Edsheeran
Song title For My Hand
AlbumLove, Damini
Released year2022

6. JAE5 (Feat. Dave, BNXN fka Buju) – Propeller

ArtistsJAE5, Dave, BNXN fka Buju
Song titlePropeller
Released year2022

7. Oxlade – CU LO SA (A colors show)

Song titleCU LO SA (A colors show)
AlbumCU LO SA (A colors show)
Release year2022

8. Asake – Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

Song titlePeace Be Unto You (PBUY)
AlbumPeace Be Unto You (PBUY)
Released year2022

9. Omah Lay – I’m a Mess

ArtistOmah Lay
Song titleI’m a Mess
AlbumBoy Alone
Released year2022

10. Burna Boy – Last Last

ArtistBurna Boy
Song titleLast Last
AlbumLove, Damini
Year released2022
Producer/sOff & Out Chopstix MdS Ruuben

Note: This list is updated frequently!

Top 10 Trending Songs In Nigeria Right Now

This is the list of the trending, hottest, and most-played songs in Nigeria right now.

The list is compared with the help of streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc.

This wonderful list is made for the listening pressure of the lovers of Nigerian music, and also to keep you up to date with the latest songs that are bursting the speakers out there.

What you should know about the Nigerian music

The Nigerian music industry is growing with speed, penetrating the market and winning many listeners worldwide.

It is made up of a many genres, this includes Jazz, Juju, Reggae, Afropop, Afrobeats, etc, and it includes many kinds of folk styles.

These styles of music are influenced by generations of western musicians and multitudes of ethnic groups in the country.

The techniques of instrumentals and the mixture of the traditional rhythms with other modern styles have gained Nigerian music a lot of audience around the world.

So far, the Nigerian music industry is the biggest in Africa producing a lot of big stars like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Olamide, Tiwa Savage, etc.

These artists are handsomely doing well around the globe having a lot of achievements and also topping charts in many countries.

The growth of Nigerian music has also opened doors to a new generation of artists. Many talents in the country are now penetrating the market winning awards and also collaborating with big stars around the world.

Summary of top 10 trending songs in Nigeria right now

The table below is the summary of the top 10 trending songs in Nigeria right now:

RankSong titleArtist/s
01BandanaFire Boy
02It’s PlentyBurna Boy
03MachalaCarter Efe (Feat. Berri-Tyga)
04Common PersonBurna Boy
05For My HandBurna Boy (Feat. Ed Sheeran)
06PropellerJAE5 (feat. Dave, BNXN fka BUJU
07CU LO SA (A colors show)Oxlade
08Peace Be Unto You (PBUYAsake
09I’m a MessOmah Lay
10Last LastBurna Boy

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