Top 10 Best High Schools in Pretoria: Best Options for Your Child

High Schools in Pretoria

In our contemporary era, it is the general belief that education is the key to unlocking a child’s bright future. However, just any education will not cut it in this fast-paced society. Your child needs the best formal education, and only the best schools can provide it. If you desire to educate your teenager properly in South Africa’s administrative capital, you must choose from the best high schools in Pretoria.

There are currently many high schools in Pretoria. Although all are certified, not all provide real educational value to children. Some are simply a shade of their former glory, while others have fanciful buildings with nothing to show. You’ll need proper research to discern the top high schools in Pretoria, not just by population but also by value.

Luckily, this article is the result of such careful research. It reviews some of the best high schools in Pretoria to help you make an informed and satisfactory choice.

Whether you are looking for the best high schools in Pretoria North, West, East, or, private high schools in Pretoria, affordable high schools in Pretoria, or public high schools in Pretoria, this article got you covered. Let’s get right to it!

Top 10 Best High Schools in Pretoria 

There are many registered high schools in Pretoria, and they all do fairly well. However, if you want your child to be the best, attending the best school is the best foundation.

Thus, this section outlines the top 10 best high schools in Pretoria. Read the reviews below and see which school impresses you the most. 

1. St. Albana’s College

This school is owned and run by the Anglican Church of South Africa. It has existed since 1960, providing quality education to children and students.

You can find St. Albana’s at 110 Clearwater Road in the rich Lynnwood Glen suburbs of Pretoria. That is undoubtedly a conducive environment for your child to receive the best education.

High Schools in Pretoria

Owned and managed by the Anglican Church, this school provides more than formal academic education for your child. They also strive to instil rich moral and social values, equipping them against our debased society. St. Albana’s is an English-speaking school catering to eighth to grade twelve students.

They provide the best for your children, using a challenging but supportive environment to help them grow. They also prioritize extracurriculars to develop kids beyond academics.

Little wonder, the Independent Examinations Board of South Africa has approved them for their exams since 2008.

The school also offers day or boarding alternatives, depending on what’s convenient for you and your children.

Therefore, if you want your children to benefit from quality education from a school with a good reputation and high esteem, St. Albana’s is just right for you. You’ll be offering your child the best possible education in Pretoria, all at a reasonable cost to you!

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2. Pretoria Secondary School

No matter the metric in focus, you cannot speak of the best high schools in Pretoria and not mention Pretoria Secondary School.

Although it is a public school owned and run by the government, it is one of the best in the region. This fact is no assertion, as their national examination results annually are existing proof.

Pretoria Secondary School caters to students from grades eight to twelve and offers quality education to these kids.

They follow a rich and blended curriculum of academic and extracurricular content for the overall development of the cold. This coeducational establishment leaves no one behind as it aims to develop each child to their fullest potential.

Despite being an English-speaking school, it helps students achieve the desired language balance required for our diverse country.

You can find Pretoria Secondary School at 331 Skinner, Pretoria. You mustn’t settle for less if you don’t have a fortune to spend on your teenager’s high school education. Here’s a public school offering the highest value for your average education costs.

3. Pretoria Boys High School

Are you looking to give your teenage son the best high school education but do not fancy the coeducation concept? Then, here’s your solution for you.

PBHS is an all-boys day and boarding high school for grades eight to twelve. This school is renowned for grooming capable young men equipped for life within and outside South Africa.

High Schools in Pretoria

It is one of the few English-speaking schools in Pretoria. In line with the curricular design, the school has rich laboratory and sports facilities and equipment to cater to all students.

To accommodate its structural design, PBHS only admits a limited population with a healthy percentage of boarding students.

PBHS is a good example of a school whose excellence speaks for itself. It’s every Pretorian child’s dream to go to school there. So, if you can, make that dream come true for your boys. You can trust this to be a worthwhile investment in your son’s future.

Find PBHS today at the heart of Brooklyn, on Roper Street, to learn more about their admission process. Your sons will thank you.

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4. Pretoria High School for Girls

Do you like the standards of PBHS but have no boys to enroll? Then check out Pretoria High School for Girls. It is not just the similarity in names. This school is also advanced and intentional about developing teenagers of a single gender.

Pretoria High School for Girls is famed across Pretoria and beyond. That is mostly due to the academic excellence of its students. However, it is also popular because of its rigid entrance process, which gives credence to the quality it offers.

At this school, it’s not just about increasing the student population but effectively caring for and developing them.

This school caters to students in grades eight to twelve, but only girls. Nevertheless, they’re sufficiently exposed to extracurricular activities for all-round development. They also provide many sporting facilities to help your girl start early in any sport they explore.

Additionally, Pretoria High School for Girls allows its students to engage in cultural activities, recognizing that building young women is equivalent to building the home and society.

As a result, this school has earned the recognition, support, and sponsorship of many well-meaning individuals and corporations. You can visit the school at 949 Park Street in Acardia to learn more.

5. The Glen High School

Here is another public school that easily makes any list of the top high schools in Pretoria. Glen High School is a government-owned and run high school in the Waterkloof area.

In addition, this school is non-denominational. So, if you’re looking for an open-minded environment where your teenager can grow to view the world free of bias, this is a good school for you.

With over a thousand students, Glen High School prioritizes quality education for all students. They properly utilize government-provided resources to strive to maintain efficiency. With strict adherence to the national curriculum, they employ the most current teaching methods to ensure students’ academic excellence.

Besides academics, this school also looks to develop pupils in performing arts, culture, and other extracurricular activities. It is a coeducational extension that will expose your growing child to life correctly.

The Glen High School is located at c/o Garstfontein Road and Corobay Avenue, Waterkloof Glen.

6. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

Where better to nurture a girl child than under the care of religious leaders? This is undoubtedly true, but many cannot do this because they need to educate their children.

However, St. Mary’s DSG is the perfect solution for parents looking to educate their children appropriately while keeping them in line religiously.

High Schools in Pretoria

This missionary school is popular in the Gauteng district of Pretoria, mostly due to the academic excellence of its students.

Since its establishment in 1886, this school has remained a symbol of academic excellence and a moral refinery in the district.

The thousand and more students in this school each year receive adequate opportunities to grow academically to their fullest potential while keeping in line morally.

Notwithstanding its faith-based foundation, St. Mary DSG is also efficient in producing highly social ladies. They pay good attention to the girls’ morals and strive to develop their confidence and leadership skills. That aims to help them take their place in a gender-equal society.

Beyond this, the school nurtures its students’ talents in various sports and performing arts. You’ll find many ladies trained for drama, ballet, choir, and art upon graduation from St. Mary DSG.

Want your child to also experience this guided growth and development? Get more admission details from the school located at 30 St. Marys Road, Klof, Durban.

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7. Sutherland High School

Although not the most affordable, Sutherland is among the most esteemed high schools in Pretoria.

Located in Pretoria’s suburb of Eldoraigne and established in 1987, this school has grown into a factory for university materials. Sutherland provides standard and comprehensive education for students in grades eight to twelve. 

Though not affiliated with any religious organization, this establishment is not into education simply as a business. The co-educational institution aims to develop students academically and otherwise, building reliable human capital for society. As a result, Sutherland students are top competitors in academics, sports, culture, athletics, and leadership capacity. 

So, if you want all-around development for your child and don’t mind the cost, stop by Sutherland at 1333 Willem Botha Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion, to learn more.

This school is unique in how it encourages and rewards the students and staff’s personal and collaborative development.

8. Hoërskool Waterkloof

If you’re looking for a prestigious Afrikaans school in Gauteng, this is for you!

Hoërskool Waterkloof is one of the best Afrikaans high schools in Pretoria. This school was founded in 1979, and although expensive, it’ll give your child the worth of every Rand.

The school has many notable alumni who have risen to fame and success in South Africa. Among these is Henni Jacobs, a famed singer and actor.

Hoërskool Waterkloof successfully works to develop its students academically, making them top competitors in the district.

Besides that, they also encourage extracurricular activities like sports, performing arts and cultural activities, and athletics. The school has a standard gym, sports center, Klofie wardrobe, and other facilities that enable these.

They ensure the all-round development of the Afrikaan children, enabling them to stand tall anywhere in South Africa.

You’ll find Hoërskool Waterkloof at C/O Boeing St &, Solomon Mahlangu Dr, Erasmuskloof. Visit the school to learn more.

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9. Willowridge High School

Another one on the list of the best high schools in Pretoria is Willowridge High School!

Do you have a competitive kid who needs a good environment to bring out the best in him or her? Then why not enroll them at Willowridge? This school is the best place for competitive kids to thrive. It provides the mental environment, facilities, and direction every intelligent child needs to bring out the best in them.

Since its establishment in 1987, the school has focused on producing academically excellent students who lead in the district.

However, the school’s focus and attention are not limited to academic development but transcend to the all-round development of the students.

Consequently, they strive to develop students, social, sports, athletic, and creative skills. At Willowridge, you’ll find standard sports equipment, facilities, and even a gym.

The courses at Willowridge are concentrated and rich, giving your child the necessary education. At graduation in twelfth grade, all Willowridge students are ready to enter and excel in any university in the country and beyond.

Find Willowridge at 518 Verkenner Avenue, Die Wilgers, to learn more about the institution.

10. Pretoria Technical High School

Pretoria Technical High School can not be left out of the best high schools in Pretoria!

Some parents have embraced the fact that we’re living in skill and not a certificate economy. As a result, they try to start inculcating skills in their children while educating them formally from their teenage ages. If you’re such a parent, Pretoria Technical High School will help you achieve this aim.

This school effectively combines technical and academic education for the true all-round development of the Pretorian child.

This preparatory school helps students obtain basic technical education and job training in various fields. They have a modern training facility in all fields that helps students get hands-on training experience.

Pretoria Technical High School has become popular beyond the Gauteng region because of the practical training it offers students.

Thus, if you’re considering preparatory vocational education for your child, you should consider Pretoria Technical High School.

Pay them a visit at 649 Park Street, Arcadia, to learn more about their admission process.

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Summary of the Top 10 Best High Schools in Pretoria

Below is the summary of the top 10 best high schools in Pretoria:

  1. St. Albana’s College
  2. Pretoria Secondary School
  3. Pretoria Boys High School
  4. Pretoria High School for Girls
  5. The Glen High School
  6. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
  7. Sutherland High School
  8. Hoërskool Waterkloof
  9. Willowridge High School
  10. Pretoria Technical High School

High Schools in Pretoria: Conclusion

Your child’s future is important to you, and it should be. From the day they’re born till they become independent adults, you’re responsible for making decisions about them, which will affect how they turn out.

One of the most important of these decisions is the decision about their education, especially during high school, where their values are most influenced.

This article has listed the top 10 best high schools in Pretoria to help you make an informed and beneficial decision. However, do not rely on this review alone; visit any appealing school and learn more before enrolling your child.

Now, let’s hear from you!

What do you have to say about high schools in Pretoria? Which of the high schools in Pretoria is your choice?

Let us know your thoughts concerning this by using the comment section below!


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